Baby Frost is a boy!
Monday, June 19, 2006
I'm having a baby brother!

Mommy is about 5 months pregnant now. We went to the laboratory last Saturday for several tests and an ultrasound.

Here's my baby brother's first pictures:
His first sign of life...

About 5 months later, Baby Frost "drops" his pants

Another look at my baby brother inside Mommy's tummy

Baby Frost is being really active lately as well. Mommy felt him "kick" last week and she's been really addicted to feeling baby's movements now. Daddy even saw a small part of Mommy's tummy rise as if it was being pushed from the inside.

I can't wait to become a kuya! I have so many toys to share with Baby Frost and I can't wait to finally have a playmate.

We're really excited about Baby Frost's arrival. We haven't thought of a name for him, though, but "Keith" will definitely be part of it. I'm still trying to convince Mommy and Daddy to name baby after me, Castle Koji .

Wish me luck okay?

The journey begins...
Friday, June 16, 2006
Thanks to Mommy, I now have my looooooooooooong over due blog.

Daddy made a website for me way back, but they didn't find the time to update it regularly. Click on the title to see my old online gallery.

Anyway, Mommy finally created me my own blog, which looks a lot better than her blog, by the way (I love you Mommy!).

In this blog, I'll show you how difficult it is to go through life as a kid and to raise and train grownups to do what you want them to do.

Please visit my parents' blogs as well (to give you a better idea of what I have to put up with).

Don't forget to drop me a line or two at my blog REGISTRY. Also, clicking on those Google Ads will help me get more money for more adventures. :D

The journey begins!